Accelerate Overview

If you have achieved moderate or even big success and are ready for the next level to scale your organization for growth, this program is for you.   

We will work with you in 7 sessions over 90 days to focus your brand on its core competencies and competitive advantage while assuring that your required business processes are being defined to fulfill your promise. 

The desired outcome is to develop and modify this plan with you to double your return on investment for this program within six months -- and with the satisfaction that you are well on your way to meet the objectives set for the next twelve months. 


  1. Session 1: DiscoverY

    • Leaderships Discovery Interviews 

    • Review past three years of financials

    • Identify successes achieved with top customers and identify the target growth customers and why

    • Identify the degree to which business processes are defined, documented and understood in the business

    • Define team dynamics and challenges for scaling up the business

    • Complete readiness assessment

  2. Session 2: the Growth plan

    • Scenario planning

    • Vision clarification

    • Essential brand components and positioning

    • Goals, objectives and strategies strategic framework

    • Resource needs – people, products, technologies, processes

    • Organizational structure and identification of key roles

    • Core business processes – map the most important process and confirm resource needs

    • 12-month timeline – what actions need to occur each month to achieve the plan

  3. sessions 3, 4, 6: Monthly toolbox objectives

    • Target toolbox priority

    • Complete toolbox work session

    • Identify action plan and assignments

  4. sessions 5,7: progress tracking

    •  Identify successes and challenges to date

    • Develop solutions for challenges and leverage successes as much as possible

    • Review revenue and expense budgets and modify

    • Review scorecard

    • Clarify next steps and assignments


insight toolbox topics

Depending on the needs identified in the plan, following are the types of tools that may be utilized in programming monthly objectives:

  • Process mapping and SOP processes
  • Root cause analysis
  • Role definition
  • Recruiting and onboarding process
  • Sales planning
  • Pricing strategy
  • CRM setup
  • Marketing communication planning
  • Budgeting
  • Resource planning
  • Outsourcing planning
  • Conflict resolution

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