step 1:

CRM System Implementation

CRM implementation starts with understanding your sales business processes. After completing our sales process mapping activities with your sales team, we will align the best CRM system to your sales process. Then we will populate the CRM with current customers, target contacts, tagging categories, opportunity details and pipeline goals to assure that all daily practices and reporting are ready to go.  

  • Assure CRM package will provide the metrics and reporting required for sales management
  • Align CRM system to sales processes and flowchart steps with sales teams
  • Populate system with current customer and new target information
  • Define custom fields to be relevant to your business and processs
  • Launch system and complete initial training with sales teams

step 2:

CRM Training & Accountability

After your CRM system is fired up and ready to go, your sales teams need to be trained and held accountable to the new behaviors and habits that are required for successful sales growth practices. Our proven methods for routine sales activities show how the achieving the targeted sales contacts achieve predictable results. 

  • Set market segment goals and target specific target contacts on a regular basis
  • Train sales teams on specific activities that will achieve results and accomplish rewards
  • Offer routine feedback by monitoring ability to present the business case and close sales
  • Track sales pipeline activity and modify targets and activites to optimize results

Step 3:

CRM Measures and Reporting

In sales, we believe that you get what you measure. Most organizations do not set specific enough sales targets and goals. Therefore, they are left guessing where their sales will come from. It doesn't have to be that complex. By setting specific desired outcomes, you can achieve results with a measurable sales system. Once the discipline is aligned and consistent, you will have a well-oiled sales machine.

  • Specify reporting to target segments
  • Customize sales metrics in dashboards that are transparently displayed throughout the organization
  • Set sales goals and incentives to inspire the sales hunter
  • Reward the routine behaviors required to build long-term momentum
  • Regularly report progress on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis 

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