INSIGHT learning labs for team growth

We have broken down key elements of the Insight Growth System processes into these 12 two-day certification opportunities for client team members and professional service providers. Receive the following with each program for $1,895 per person.

  • Licensing to facilitate the selected Insight Growth System program
  • Two days of intensive training with our founder Shelley Moore
  • A robust facilitation guide with presentation materials, case studies and application-based exercises
  • Three one-hour coaching sessions (once per month for 90-days) after the session for execution follow-up

Choose the most relevant area that will make the biggest impact for you to improve and start being a more effective team leader, teacher and mentor.

Leadership Awareness and Development

1. Leading with Self-awareness

This Insight Passion Builder process has been a client favorite for many years. Learn our process for finding personal passion, interests, talents and skills to develop vision and “the why” for you and your employees.  Passion Workbook assessments and processes are included.

2. Building Team Synergy

There is a science to building team synergy and increasing productivity and efficiency while avoiding stagnation and meltdown. Utilizing the Kolbe Wisdom System™, other assessments and team facilitation tools, you can lead any willing (and even stuck) team to success.


Market Growth Practices

3. Winning with Market Wisdom

Understanding customer needs is the most essential practice for market success. Yet most organizations don't consistently dig deep inside the minds of their customers.  Learn a variety of formal and informal ways to understand and track customer needs to solve problems that are relevant to your business, including: social media, surveys, focus groups, workshops/events, in-depth interviews and more.

4. Branding Your Marketing Plan

If aligning the four "Ps" of marketing isn't complex enough, designing your plan around the “the why” of your brand can be even more daunting. Learn our clear simple steps for creating a marketing plan that is aligned to your positioning and how your customers make decisions. Understand what marketing tools to use, why to use them and when.

5. Targeting Sales Growth

Sales process management is about discipline. It's a numbers game. Create a clear sales process aligned to your channel, design CRM functions, and select and train sales teams to meet specific sales goals that are tied to your growth plan. Track and build incentives accordingly.

6. Structuring Innovation

Innovation isn't just about brainstorming. In fact, it can often be happenstance. Over 70% of new ideas fail. Learn how to follow a stage-gate process for setting up innovation for success. Manage a new product/service development pipeline alongside a network of small teams who keep fresh and relevant experimentation flowing throughout the organization.


Build and Develop Your Team

7. Recruiting and On-boarding for Retention

Selecting and keeping the right people is one of the greatest challenges today. Learn our Insight Whole Mind recruiting process and how to adapt it for your culture. Also, learn how to on-board and engage management in giving ongoing feedback and tracking accomplishments - including how to resolve conflict before it is too late to retain top performers.

8. Developing People through Feedback

Learn our nine-step 90-day process for aligning people to organizational and departmental goals while aligning roles to their talents. Our system tracks learning, performance plans, peer feedback, developmental goals, manager journals and more. Activities will be focused on using the BLOOM Performance Optimization System® with 90-day free access to the system.



9. Leading Teams with Rhythm

Poor meeting structure is a productivity killer. Yet so many leaders have never learned the essential skills for creating rhythm and consistency for their teams throughout the year. In addition to understanding communication styles and talents, learn how to set the tone for meetings utilizing proven organizational tools that successfully build collaboration and hold people accountable to priorities.

10. Practicing Strategic Growth Planning

What does your team know about your strategic landscape? Do you track trends that will shape and impact your one- to three-year growth plan? Learn our structured, simple steps for facilitating and creating a clear strategic growth plan with action steps based on the most likely scenarios for the future. 

11. Designing Organizational Alignment

You get what you measure.  Learn how to align your strategic framework of vision, mission, values and strategy to the organizational design and measures for success - at both departmental and role levels within your organization.  Also learn simple and effective scorecard and project tracking tools to keep the team on target.

12. Orchestrating Community Impact

Private investment often drives public change. Building a strategic growth plan around public and private interests can be complex and trying for all. Learn how to start the comprehensive strategic plan on the right foot by engaging key relationships and negotiating appropriate levels of control while gaining mutual understanding and success.

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