Insight Passion Builder Workbook

We see time and time again how self-awareness is the key to leadership success. The best leaders we know are the most self-aware people we know. 

The purpose of the Passion Builder process is to review and understand industry-proven assessments to identify leadership motivations, talents, skills, and ideal job content; and create a leadership development plan.  This sets a foundation for how the leadership team will make decisions individually and collectively; and the process identifies prescriptive methods for improving decision making. 

It is also a great opportunity for leaders to explore what interests them most and best describes strengths and talents.  Our clients find this to be validating and open experience with clear advantages for improved decision making and selection of players for key roles.

The three sessions for this package flow as follows:

  • Session 1:  With each team member, we privately review five assessment results which the team member will take online prior to this first session. In session, we explain the purpose of the process, review the assessment results and review the activities to be complete for the next session.  We ask questions about background and motivations.  The team member will take his or her workbook to read the complete assessment results and to complete the activities provided in the workbook for the next session. 
  • Session 2: In this session, the team member presents the results of the workbook activities and asks clarifying questions about the assessments. Together, we determine next steps for leadership and career development goals.  This work evolves to be a very specific action plan for meeting organizational and personal objectives.  We gather the information from the activities and develop a presentation that the team member will give to the direct manager or peer team members regarding the results and what was learned through the process.  This will entail an overview of assessment results, strengths and how the team member naturally operates.  Also in this presentation, the team member will share goals for a 12-month development plan.
  • Session 3:  We facilitate this session with the team member and his or her direct manager or peer team members.  Together the team member and manager gains alignment about your strengths and goals for how to optimize his or her role and achieve developmental goals.  The team member will also share the types of support that he or she needs from the organization to be successful with the plan.

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