Process Optimization

Core Process Optimization

Every business has 3-4 core business processes that are essential to profitable operational success. We facilitate mapping and optimizing these in two categories: core and non-core processes. Core processes you must master.  Non-core processes you must outsource so you can focus primarily on your core business.

  • Core process mapping
  • Core process constraints analysis
  • Core process improvement plans

Non-core Process Optimization

Non-core processes are business processes required to support your core operations. Every organization has limited resources and its managers should focus mostly on what they do best - the core operations. Smart-sourcing and growth-sourcing are the types of language generated from global sourcing trends. Local, regional, national and global outsourcing resources exist everywhere to maximize your mobility and profit.  

  • Non-core process mapping
  • Non-core process constraints analysis
  • Non-core process improvement plans

Non-core Partner Strategy

Non-core business processes often take more time and energy to execute than core operational processes. Leaders understand them less because they have too little time, people and money to apply to them. Establishing clearly defined relationships and boundaries with strategic partners, vendors and experts can create profit, increase efficiency and improve productivity throughout your organization.

  • Non-core process optimization plan
  • Non-core partner sourcing
  • Non-core outsourcing partnership plan

Core Technology Strategy

Core business processes require technology intervention to create resource efficiencies. Technology utilization alone can be the competitive difference achieved for better product quality, customer pricing, speed of delivery and profit. Technology adoption inside your organization will likely be slower than the pace of new technology releases. Have a plan will help stay ahead of the curve.

  • Core process optimization plan
  • Core technology strategy
  • Core technology strategic plan

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