step 1:

Sales Growth Trends Analysis

We start all sales growth projects by understanding your past and current sales performance. We review the previous three years of sales growth (if available) and understand the trends in terms of revenue and profit at market, product and customer levels.

  • Review past three years of sales data to determine stagnate, growth or declining trends
  • Determine the percentage and types of customers that purchase the majority of products
  • Highlight key observations for dialog and alignment with the management team

step 2:

Product Analysis

The value proposition provided by your services and products can dictate your market position. We will analyze your product and service performance related to industry performance indicators, competitor analysis and customer feedback. Understanding the opportunities for leveraging strengths and improving weaknesses can provide significant new growth potential and capacity to better meet customer needs.

  • Complete product/service analysis of features and benefits
  • Understand sales trends - volume and frequency
  • Review competitor products features and benefits
  • Gain customer feedback about product performance and opportunities for improvement

step 3:

Customer & Market Analysis

Industries are evolving and new technologies and delivery systems are frequently changing. We will review major trends with your management team and determine how industry changes and changing customer needs will impact the organization in the years to come. The purpose is to align product development and investments to accomplish long-term market share potential.

  • Understand macro-trends, impacts and uncertainties in the industry
  • Anticipate customer needs as their product use and the industry changes evolve
  • Identify specific product development initiatives for the next 1-3 years
  • Specify product development costs that need to be factored in the sales and marketing budget

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