step 1:

Customer Segment Targeting

Targeting specific customer segments is the key to sales and marketing success. The sales person with a rifle will usually outperform the one with a shotgun. Our aim is to help you target the right customers with the right tools and communications to provide your sales team with the best opportunity for success.

  • Define clearly profiled customer target segments and their needs (segments are groups of customers with like needs that you can meet)
  • Specify your value proposition to each target segment
  • Project the potential growth to be achieved in each segment
  • Identify the specific customer needs that the organization's products and services will address 
  • Prioritize the top target segments most in alignment with the organization's offerings

step 2:

Marketing Mix Strategy

The marketing mix - also known as the four "Ps" of marketing (Product, Price, Place/Distribution, Promotion) are the core elements that must align to successfully take a product to market. These four elements must work together and leverage each other in order to gain momentum toward meeting customer needs. 

  • Determine the specific products and services that will meet customer segment needs
  • Define the pricing strategy that aligns with buying patterns and behaviors
  • Specific the distribution channels that will attract and connect with your target segments
  • Build promotional strategies and campaigns that align with pricing strategies and the product delivery system

step 3:

Sales Channel Planning

The Go-To-Market Plan is where the rubber meets the road. Timelines, resources and budgets are pulled together to determine the margins and revenue that can be achieved per the alignment marketing mix strategy.

  • Complete the roll-out action plan and deadlines
  • Define the roles, people and territories required to implement the plan
  • Identify and negotiate other channel resources, contracts and terms that will be required for success
  • Complete the project budget to determine the organization's growth investment required

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