For centuries it has been proven that we each have three parts of the mind. 

Unfortunately, most leadership development, team building and recruiting processes forget this. Often, personality assessments are misused as profiling tools, resumes are overused, and interviews only truly assess whether employers “like” the employee or candidate. Unfortunately, none of these approaches give you actual information about how a person will perform or do a job.

Personality assessments, resumes, and “chemistry interviews” (as we call them) give you no relevant or reliable information as it relates to actual job performance. 

To successfully profile top leaders, employees and candidates, especially for key positions, using assessments to explore all three parts of the mind are required to understand how a person relates to others, strives to perform, and thinks to learn or process information.

These three distinct areas can be assessed through a combination of affordable assessment tools, verbal interviews, and assigned activities that are orchestrated during employee and candidate assessment processes. 

The Three Parts of The Mind

  1. Affective (Feel): personality, values, beliefs, social and communication style
  2. Conative (Do): natural instinct to perform, striving abilities, and predictable mode of operation
  3. Cognitive (Think): thinking abilities, skills, education, training, experience, and habits

Assessments We Commonly Use

No one index assesses all three parts of the mind. Therefore we commonly use dozens of assessments for different purposes usually centered around leadership development, team building and recruiting. Following is a partial list of the assessments we use.

Affective Assessments

  • DiSC
  • ProfileXT
  • Myers-Briggs
  • StrengthsFinder
  • The Leadership Challenge

Conative Assessments

  • Kolbe A, B, C Indexes™
  • Kolbe Leadership Reports™

Cognitive Assessments

  • ProfileXT
  • TKI Conflict Mode
  • Listening Skills
  • The Leadership Challenge
  • Various skill tests

Kolbe Wisdom™ for Your ORGANIZATION


We love Kolbe!  While we regularly use many assessments, Kolbe is distinct and we have been certified for over 16 years. It is the most predictive index regarding behavior that we have found. Kolbe makes developing leaders, building teams, and finding the right person for the job easier and far less expensive than traditional assessment and selection methods. We provide "the missing link" in the development, recruiting, and retention processes by focusing on people's natural instincts to perform.

Develop Teams

True leaders give people the freedom to be themselves. Kolbe's coaching, consulting, unique assessments and diagnostic reports provide executives and managers at all levels of an organization powerful new ways to develop as leaders, maximize people's strengths and improve performance.

Select and Maximize Talent

Take the mystery out of hiring and start predicting success with RightFit™. Kolbe makes finding the right person for the job easier and far less expensive than traditional selection methods. We provide "the missing link" in the hiring process: the rating of candidates based on their natural instincts.


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