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Insight went over and above to provide a learning experience that was organized, helpful and easy to follow. They adapted to our particular issues by coaching us on how to language hiring questions and they assessed our strengths and weaknesses so that we would become better interviewers during the hiring process in order to find and keep qualified people long-term. We continue to practice what we learned.
— Cindy Vandervlugt Controller Dec-O-Art

Insight comes with the ability to integrate the details of broad strategy through their utilization of subject area experts and other professional companies which is very helpful during times.

Insight’s online performance system, BLOOM® comes with a theory. While theory is hard to implement, BLOOM brings structure that was implemented quickly into our organization. It was also helpful that our ideas were integrated into the product and that Insight was flexible enough to accommodate us.
— Geoff Payne, COO with various clients over the years

You get an A++ for presentation and substance.
— Larry Davis, CEO Daman Products

Shelley showed a remarkable ability to break complex problems into their component parts, determine what needed to be accomplished for each part, and help assign the problems to people best capable of solving the problems. She exhibits a rare combination of instinctive ability and solid understanding of tools and techniques. I found her strategic skills particularly advanced. Not only could she quickly isolate the major strategic issues in a situation, but she could accurately narrow down and evaluate the best alternatives.
— Dr. Bruce Wrenn, MBA Professor at Indiana University

I have worked with Shelley Moore and Insight for two years with my company. Insight has brought a great deal of knowledge and business experience to help me run a more successful company. They have been involved with all aspects of my business from policy and procedure to marketing, budgets and internal employee issues. Shelley and the Insight crew have played a big part to help me continue to work on improving my business and image. I would highly recommend Shelley and the Insight team if you are serious about improving and moving your business to the next level!
— Dean Himelick, President of Logo Boys Inc.
Thanks for all your help with Mary (a new direct employee). You’ve been outstanding! We had a great time at lunch. I honestly feel like I’m looking in a mirror when she’s around. Crazy how many things we have in common. She’s going to be a huge asset for our company and I’m looking forward to working with someone I respect and can have fun with. BLOOM made the offer letter a breeze. No issues, as a matter of fact I’m getting one prepared for the other employee too. I look forward to seeing you at the company outing on Monday!
— Office Manager Logo Boys Inc.

I started with a case study to develop an exit strategy for my business and instead quickly transitioned into a growth strategy that included assessing my entire management team. The process reinvigorated the whole staff. Shelley and her colleague Taylor brought a keen awareness to people about their fears and they developed next steps for each person in a nonthreatening way. Bosses simply can’t get people to open up like they did. This process gave me a clear road map on where I am going with the company. Meanwhile, my staff felt like the company was investing in their personal future by getting them into the jobs that were the best fit for their individual strengths.”

“To continue this trend, Nimet continued to use the Insight team when hiring new staff. Insight was always well-prepared for every session; more than most professionals that I have been around. If I could, I would keep Insight as a secret all to myself, however they are growing a great company that is a benefit to many businesses like ours.
— Jim Abbott, President (former) of Nimet Industries

Shelley has proven to me that she actually cares about me personally, as well as my business. The way she has kept her finger on the pulse of what we are doing is invaluable. I appreciate her patience and willingness to work with me at whatever stage I am at in developing my business. I also admire her quick start to keep me moving forward.
— Brian Bennett Sr., Owner and President of Diako Construction, Inc.

The words that come to mind for me when I describe Shelley Moore of Insight Strategic Concepts® is creative, professional, diligent, enthusiastic, a team player and teacher. The work that resulted from hiring Insight was based on a team approach that produced state-of-the-art and technically strong work … while putting people first.
— Ted Swaldo, President and CEO of ASC Industries

Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job facilitating. Your style of communication increases my comfort level, which allows me to open up and be more expressive, natural and willing to try new approaches. I truly appreciate what this process has done for my position here at the bank and for me personally.

“The morning after” I feel a lot of different emotions. One is a very good, refreshing feeling that we now have this ability to freely engage with each other in a constructive manner that will allow for more meaningful exchanges without the worry of either of us thinking we are personally attacking the other. Another feeling is one of a touch of apprehension that, because this is out of my comfort zone, will take time for me to overcome. Thank you again for all you have done for me. I’ve enjoyed the time we’ve spent together.
— Employee at SSB Community Bank

In all cases Shelley and her team were insightful, proactive and very organized in their approach to program development.
— Mary Ellen Hanrahan, Co-owner of Gordon Hanrahan

I don’t think of Shelley as a ’consultant.’ I think of her as a potentialist that gets results.
— Workshop Evaluator 2004
We found Insight to be highly professional and creative.
— Workshop Evaluator 2003

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