velocity Overview

If your leadership team is looking for a laser-focused program that will develop a growth plan and provide tools to align leadership behaviors to be accountable to the plan throughout the year, this program is for your team.

This series of sessions can be completed within 90 days including a retreat, training sessions about executing consistent and effective meetings and implementation of our web-based BLOOM Optimization System® for tracking feedback and development. 

These processes will incrementally build your growth plan to the point of execution and accountability.  To build and keep momentum, it is recommended that all phases certainly be completed within four months to achieve the required momentum for change.

  1. Current Situation Analysis

    • Leadership interviews and assessments

    • Online staff survey

    • Strategic information assignments

    • Results compilation

  2. 2-3 Year Strategic Growth Plan

    • Scenario planning

    • Vision Clarification

    • Value proposition and required core competencies

    • Target market identification

    • Functional/departmental goals

    • Functional skills and talent requirements

    • Action and communication plans and budgets

  3. Insight Rhythm meeting System

    • Learn and execute the Insight Rhythm System for weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual meetings

    • Leadership team and management team sessions

    • Follow up coaching on execution


    • Complete BLOOM Kickstart program

    • Train leader and managers about BLOOM feedback and development practices

    • Execute BLOOM dialogues



  1. Review detailed program overview by clicking the link below
  2. Schedule Discovery Interviews
  3. Schedule remaining sessions over 90 days
  4. Sign mutual confidentiality agreement
  5. Provide previous 3 years of financials and strategic information assignments
  6. Team complete Kolbe and TKI assessments
  7. Complete leadership readiness assessment
  8. Complete staff online survey

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