Kolbe Corp. of Phoenix, Arizona announced in the PGS recertification seminar October 11-12, 2007 that Shelley Moore of Insight Strategic Concepts Inc. ® is now a member of the Kolbe Copper Circle, signifying ten years of valid certification as an Independent Kolbe Consultant.

Ms. Moore was originally certified prior to ten years ago through her employment with a previous organization. In 1998, she privately recertified her Kolbe license as she launched her company Insight Strategic Concepts Inc. Insight also licenses the Kolbe Warewithal software which enables Insight to maintain all client reports in their own database for ongoing distribution and access of client reports.

Kolbe Corp. provides experienced consultants with proven products and services to assist businesses in developing and implementing solutions for teams, individual high-performance employees, career development, and selection. Visit http://www.kolbe.com andhttp://www.warewithal.com to learn more about the variety of personal and organizational development Kolbe tools that Insight offers.

Kolbe independent consultants who have been trained in using the Kolbe Wisdom™ and are currently Kolbe Certified Consultants are licensed to execute and interpret all Kolbe products and services. Maintaining certification requires annual attendance of recertification coursework at Kolbe’s PGS seminar in Phoenix, AZ. Starting in 2007 recertification seminars have moved to eighteen months intervals.

“Kolbe has been an integral part of Insight’s ability to assess the performance of organizations, their teams, and employees, based on indexing the instincts and natural modes of performance that exist in an organization,” states Ms. Moore. “While Kolbe is a smaller percentage of our overall revenue for business turnaround services, it provides the foundation for identifying where change needs to occur. Unlike personality and cognitive assessments, Kolbe focuses on how people will perform in their jobs.”