Meet Shelley



Since 1999, Shelley has developed proven methods to help leaders of small and mid-size organizations achieve the results that you can't achieve on your own.



Meet Shelley



Since 1999, Shelley has developed proven methods to help leaders of small and mid-size organizations achieve the results that you can't achieve on your own.


In 1999, Shelley Moore founded Insight Strategic Concepts® and has developed a leadership growth process that has been know to be a go-to "secret weapon" in assisting leaders with aligning the talents of their teams with progressive strategies, communications and processes that accelerate sustainable growth.

Shelley works with businesses, nonprofits, local governments and community development projects.

  • Leadership development
  • Strategic growth planning
  • Change management
  • Market research
  • Marketing, sales and fundraising management
  • Communications planning
  • Innovation and product development
  • Talent assessment
  • Team building
  • Performance management
  • Recruiting
  • Project management
  • Budgeting 


Founder, Lead Strategist

Insight Strategic Concepts® and BLOOM®

Shelley Moore is a strategist, branding and resource management specialist who, through growth planning, project team oversight, leadership development, and writing, advocates for growing people, organizations and communities in her work with passionate leaders engaging her growth processes, tools and services.

She has completed over 2,000 leadership assessments with over 200 organizations generating over $400 million in client revenue. She has developed the online BLOOM Performance Optimization® feedback and development system. She is a growth driver devoted to cultivating passion and facilitating leaders and their communities to achieve progressive growth and sustain future generations. 

Leading from Experience

For over twenty years. Shelley has facilitated change with C-level executives, owners and boards through the development and execution of detailed strategic initiatives utilizing her Insight Growth System and complimentary proprietary processes. She works in various industries including: manufacturing, retail, healthcare, distribution, professional/financial services, information technology, non-profits, local governments and community development projects. 

Shelley is a Kolbe Copper Certified External Specialist and is a certified facilitator of The Natural Step for sustainability planning. She has served in various board, stakeholder and leadership roles for organizations such as the River District Revitalization Planning Initiative, The JumpStart Community Initiative, North Central Indiana Small Business Development Center.  Michiana Network for Entrepreneurs, and The Fischoff. She has also served as an adjunct professor at Goshen College.

She has been recognized as a Key Business Partner by Specialized Staffing Solutions, Michiana Forty Under 40, Addy Award, and Woman of the Year by NAPW.  Shelley has Bachelor of Science degrees in Marketing and Advertising with a minor in International Business. 



Is The Connection to Leadership

Our goal is to help build passionate, strong-willed, self-sustaining leaders and teams by the end of every engagement
— Shelley


Shelley has completed a variety of self-awareness assessments with over 2,000 individual client team members.

The best leaders we know are the most self-aware. Self-awareness is a continual journey and it is required to grow and achieve our dreams. Shelley begins most projects with completing and interpreting self-awareness assessments with leaders and client teams. She has 20 years experience helping people find their stories and using them to create their next destination toward growth. 

With Strategy We Persevere

My passion is growth. Growing self, growing people, growing organizations, and growing communities.
— Shelley


Shelley has worked with leaders and organizations who have an undeniable next destination.

We all reach times when we need that boost.  We need to better define who we are, why we exist, and where we are trying to go.  Transitions between growth spurts can be painful and disorienting -- and those times are necessary to reach a next level or destination. Shelley's talents lie in working with diverse groups of people and defining a relevant growth plan through her process. In times of need, she will even co-lead the transition through change with teams and leaders dedicated to their success.

Is at The Heart of Team Development

I have tried many things on my own and not been satisfied. Every collaboration working with others has created a far more exceptional solution.
— Shelley

deSIGNED the BLOOM feedback and development software

Since 2003, Shelley has designed the BLOOM Performance Optimization System® to provide managers a simple, disciplined process to provide mentoring and development for team members. 

Due to generational changes and needed new ways to develop the workforce for your organization's future, Shelley has designed BLOOM, a proprietary online feedback and development system. This system creates an elegant and easy way for team members and managers to communicate and create next steps for ongoing feedback, training, mentoring and development. 

Provides the Rhythm to Grow

Clear, distinct processes provide the discipline needed to focus the best most efficient use of energy to accelerate growth.
— Shelley

designs and Executes proprietary and customized processes to support growth

Shelley has designed and executed hundreds of processes in realms such as strategy, marketing, sales, fundraising, HRIS, performance management, recruiting, operations, project management, and budgeting.

Building growth momentum requires focused human energy. The consistent understanding and execution of core processes at each employee or customer engagement builds brand loyalty and solidifies deeper relationships. Insight's proprietary process disciplines include the Insight Growth System, Insight Passion Builder Workbook, Insight Rhythm Meetings, Insight Brand DNA, Insight MarCom, Insight Grow $$$, Insight Collaboration, BLOOM Playbook, and Insight Whole Mind Recruiting. 



  • Embed the tools and disciplines for achieving improved self-awareness, personal story telling and leadership development.
  • Learn the practices of integrated growth alignment with the four step Insight Growth System.
  • Develop discipline for feedback and development systems to create passionate team engagement.
  • Develop and execute marketing, sales and communications plans.
  • Directly drive and lead major change initiatives.
  • Deliver practical and inspiring keynote speeches. 

Kolbe COPPER Certified External Specialist

Certified for 20 years.

Certified for 20 years.

People perform their best when they're free to trust their instincts. With the help of Kolbe online assessments and analytics software, we'll use this age-old truth to dramatically improve your organization. Whether you're hiring a new team member, merging departments or simply trying to manage your team better, the Kolbe System™ shows you how to leverage the power of human instincts to accomplish organizational goals. 



Client Success


Community growth with progressive leaders.

Client Success


Community growth with progressive leaders.


We have directly led or assisted over 200 small and mid-size organizations with strategic and tactical initiatives ranging from 2 to 24 month projects where we help teams grow, lead, sell and market their products and services.  Our work with clients and their teams has achieved over $400 million in revenue growth.

The Insight Formula for Team Success

We have found that team success requires four growth elements that must exist to achieve high-performing teams.

  1. Team members must personally be living their passion through the purpose, products, services or processes of the organization.
  2. Team members must have the talents and skills to shape flexible strategy.
  3. Team collaboration must align to the organization's goals and to each member's known, unique talents and skills
  4. Team members must have the skills to execute process leadership.

Project Highlights



  • Went from a frustrating job to netting more than $200,000 in less than two years of being self-employed.
  • Successfully resolved partnership issues for owner to purchase shares and sustain the business for over a decade.
  • Completed self-awareness assessments to understand the source of stress in a sales position and successfully proposed to management a shift to a production position where he is still thriving today. 
  • Assisted fourth generation owner with successfully selling business for eight figures within six months above the targeted purchase price.


  • Increased revenue over $50MM in three years with the development of 12 new product lines.
  • Successfully launched new community brand position built from focus groups and interviews with community stakeholders while being aligned to the City's comprehensive plan for the future.
  • Implemented strategic plan to open two new senior care facilities in three years to achieve goals for increased number of seniors served.
  • Developed new brand, two new product lines and executed marketing and new distribution strategies to double revenue to $12MM in 18 months.
  • Nearly doubled sales in two years with vendor relationship proposals securing three national retailers while expanding manufacturing facility in China.
  • Secured a new $100,000 account with one targeted, creative direct mail campaign. 
  • Exceeded fundraising goal by 58% for a three-month campaign.
  • Grew target account revenue 50% in one year with targeted marketing and sales plan.
  • Successfully executed regional event within five months beating goal to sell 1200 tickets by 17%.
  • Launched new business and achieved $15MM in revenue in four years.


  • Doubled employees from 45 to 90 in one year while successfully implementing new HR department, HRIS, policies, procedures and supervisory training.
  • Developed succession plan to determine the next non-family leader for a successful family business. 
  • Realigned team roles to growth plan functions and executed turnaround plan to increase sales over 40% in less than one year. 


  • Knocked down departmental barriers to develop cross-functional unity and the ability to successfully start multiple new product development projects that were otherwise stalemated - while developing leadership skills for all 12 management team members.
  • Created sales process map to unify the team on the flow of the sales team work. Used the process to implement new CRM processes to defined team roles. Achieve 17% growth with existing customers in the first year. 

about OUR clients

We work with clients who are sincerely motivated to grow their businesses. Our clients think progressively and are willing to change in ways that will remove existing obstacles to free their ability to focus on what is core to their businesses.

Our clients understand that working with Insight requires building trust. This requires full disclosure of company and personal information requested so that we can build an open and honest working relationship. Engaging with Insight requires that our clients are:

  • eager to learn new methods and ways of thinking about themselves and their businesses;
  • conscientious and committed to working the process over the time period proposed;
  • available for meetings as required through the course of the project;
  • willing to complete self assessment indexes to determine their strengths;
  • willing to share financial information and current and past strategic results;
  • agreeable to our access to employees and customers for in-depth interviews;
  • agreeable to our access to information provided by other advisors;
  • fully disclosing the reason for engaging our services;
  • paying for the majority of our services with their own company’s finances with no outside economic assistance;
  • in good physical and emotional health.

Partial list of who we have worked with:


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Insight Team


We are ready to help you achieve success.

Insight Team


We are ready to help you achieve success.


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