Internal People Collaboration

Employee Development

Developing and retaining your best people requires establishing a significant and lasting connection. Intimately understanding employees' individual talents and integrating their learning as a part of your culture within training and coaching plans is the combination that will achieve organizational energy for change.

  • Employee assessment
  • Individual development plans
  • Training and learning plans

Organization Alignment

Gaining growth efficiency requires aligning the organization's strategic goals to departmental goals. Those goals must be clearly defined within the KPIs of role expectations. We see many leaders miss these linkages and as a result research shows 70% of employees don't know the organization's strategies and 81% don't feel connected to the organization.

  • Department goal alignment
  • Organization design
  • Task analysis and role definition

Talent Management

Performance management is aligning the roles of people to business strategy and consequently designing a consistent feedback system for continual learning and development. The purpose of the system is designed to reduce stress and tension in the organization while deepening the relationships between managers and employees. Successful performance management helps employees see a clean line from expectations to success.

  • Stress, fit and productivity analysis
  • Performance management system
  • Alignment analysis

Retention and Succession Management

Talent integration activities measure the strategic growth plan outcomes to employee compositions and actions. Cultural analysis measures organizational change and the intricate impacts of employee selection, retention and succession plans. As measures are defined for culture management, leadership analytics monitor initial and ongoing adjustments achieved as behaviors align to the plan.

  • Culture and synergy analysis
  • Talent selection and succession plan
  • Leadership analytics

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Insight Learning Labs

We have broken down key elements of the Insight Growth System processes into 12 individual, two-day mentoring programs for client team members and professional service providers to learn specific Insight processes. The objective is teach participants how to execute Insight processes on their own or to facilitate their own teams on how to execute the processes in their organizations.



BLOOM® is Insight's proprietary, web-based, feedback and development system that puts growing your team at your fingertips.


Kolbe Team Assessments

There is a scientific formula for achieving team synergy. It requires the right mix of instinctive talents performing together to achieve an objective. Kolbe identifies this formula for success with an extraordinary level of accuracy and detail. ISC is a Kolbe Certified Consultant providing an array of assessments for teams and leaders to make solid team performance decisions and improve team problem solving dynamics.

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